About Us

Our Story

Having left Andalucia partners Keith and Elaine headed back home to the UK. Finances were pretty bleak for most of us caught up in the world wide recession of 2007.

However  a freak stroke of luck presented an extraordinary opportunity when Elaine kicked a piece of Driftwood while strolling on the beach 

With  Keith's Artistic flare and joinery skills a Driftwood Mirror was crafted using a piece of old mirror bought from a local boot sale . 

A decade later and a lot of hard work Driftwood Interiors fantastic range of products are delivered to homes and business around the world.  

The amazing materials that we use are harvested from remote and beautiful beaches , lochs and woodlands throughout the West Coast and Highland areas of Scotland.

They are then bought back to our workshop and hand crafted into driftwood tables,benches shelving ,mirrors and cabinets.

We also craft hand made furniture products and fittings for Restaurants, Hair Dressing Salons Pubs and Shops 

If you cant find what you are looking for dont worry we have a “Can make anything attitude ” just contact us with your ideas and we will work with you on your project.