A Driftwood Journey

A Driftwood Journey

Posted by Keith on 17th Sep 2016

A  Driftwood Adventure

From humble beginnings and a few twists, of fate ,i have learned that things really do happen for a reason.

The big bad  recession of 2007 bought down a lot of folk including ourselves with a bump.Till Elaine kicked a piece of  beautiful driftwood on Southport beach changed our lives and sent us on a brilliant  journey.

A few more bits of driftwood artistic flair and Ebay we had sold our first Driftwood mirror .

Back to the beach for more and more and more ,we had enough for 3 mirrors and a coffee table which we hand made into Lovely Rustic Driftwood mirrors and a fantastic Reclaimed wooden coffee table .All sold within a week how chuffed we where .